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Welcome to the Communication Workers Union South Wales Branch.


The South Wales Branch represents over 3200 members in Telecommunications, TV, IT, Contact Centres and Retail; including BT, SKY, Virgin Media, O2, EE, Webhelp, Conduit, First Source and many other telecom related companies.

Where we have recognition, such as BT and recently EE, we negotiate pay, terms and conditions for workers. Where we do not yet have recognition we still provide unparalleled personal representation, benefits and services.

Everybody insures their home, their car and even their mobile phone. Don’t leave it too late to insure your job!


Get The Right Help – Don’t Fall For Company Run Fake Unions!

We secure better results for members than non represented or employer forum representation. We have secured hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation for people previously misrepresented / poorly advised by manager run, company funded “fake union” employee forums; even well meaning “representatives” in these structures are not accredited and wont take on their own employer beyond internal manager dominated proceedings. HR are employed by the company to advise managers, forums serve the company. Only a trade union gives true, qualified, independent representation from the workplace to the court room. If you are not in our industry there will be an independent certified union for you – check out https://www.tuc.org.uk/about-unions/find-union-you to find a genuine trade union.


If you need assistance with a problem at work please call us on 0800 023 58 59 or email office@cwusouthwales.com


You can join the CWU either online or by speaking to a representative in your workplace.