Representative Verification – For Employers

Whilst employers do not have a statutory right to check an employees membership status (representation is at the discretion of the union in any case). We believe it is always prudent to verify the accompanying representative. This can be done through the scenarios below:

Please note this is a local branch process. Other unions and other branches of the CWU may operate differently. We en-devour to share the details of our representatives in advance via the employee whenever possible. If you have specific requirements you would like us to consider in future, have any queries or want to provide feedback please contact the branch secretary.

Scenario 1:

A branch officer accompanies one of your employees to a hearing. The representative will produce an ID card which matches a photo below. This is our authorization that they can act on behalf of the CWU.

Scenario 2:

Where we have a site representative (either on union release or adhoc for the case) who is also your employee, they may not carry CWU ID. However, they should be known to you and have shared their accreditation.

Scenario 3:

The accompanying representative carries a headed letter from the Branch Secretary / Chair confirming certification and produces their CWU membership card / number. This can be confirmed by contacting the branch.


The following representatives are suitably qualified through recognised CWU / TUC / Legal certifications and are authorised by the Branch Secretary to conduct Discipline, Absence Hearings, Grievances and related activity on behalf of the CWU.

Eugene Caparros, Branch Secretary.


Angie PrangellAngie Prangell

Eugene CaparrosEugene Caparros

William KendallWilliam Kendall


Kate WebsterKate Webster

Paul DaviesPaul Davies

Chris Harrold Chris Harrold

Mick Loyd-Davies Mick Lloyd-Davies

Jan James  Jan James

Gwawr Jenkins Gwawr Jenkins

Mike Jones Mike Jones